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Hello to my family of Clouders

Here is my latest mix for your blissful listening experience! If you are familiar with my previous works then you are in for a bit of something different this time. I have accumulated many different experiences in the last year and the culmination of such has opened up my eyes to new, amazing worlds. With this mix I am attempting to share these things with you :)

Within you will find works from super-talented artists from around the world, including one of my latest productions "Through Any Door" which features vocalist Annette Carden Dale. Please enjoy, download/listen however you please.

The journey begins…

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Jason Bongiovanni - Performing A Live DJ Set at Avec

June 16, 2012 - Huntington Beach, CA

Jason Bongiovanni performs at Elektronik at Avec in Huntington Beach


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Saturday, June 16, 2012 - Avec in Huntington Beach, CA

Jason Bongiovanni performs at Elektronik at Avec in Huntington Beach

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jason Bongiovanni Headlines Decadent Nites



Jason Bongiovanni has had an undying love for dance music for the last 15 years and, until recently, has spent most of his life studying human behavior and medicine. Although he spent his young life playing guitar and reveling in the punk rock and dance/rave scenes, he decided to put things aside for a while and develop his mind in other areas. In pursuit of higher learning, he has achieved degrees in chemistry, mathematics, and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in psychology and pre-medicine. Following his life's calling, and his truest heart's desire, he decided to focus and apply his talents in the dance-music scene in a serious and professional way and has released 5 tracks to date: "For All Mankind", "Endura", "Emerge", "Nightpulse", and "Through Any Door". His latest release "Through Any Door" is an electro house vocal mix, melded with twisted bass lines and dreamy vocal elements by accomplished vocal artist Annette Carden Dale. With musical interests spanning multiple genres, his production style is unique; but somewhat undefined, best described as "high-quality dance music". Performance-wise, he prefers mixes with deep, driving, progressive and psychedelic elements, skillfully intertwined with his own productions that profoundly resonate well within the hearts of listeners.

While his main focus lies in the arena of electronic dance music, he happily enjoys working with artists from other genres such as pop, indie, country, and hip hop. "Good music is good music" he says, avoiding narrow, genre-specific views. Working the LA-OC music scene, he has rocked the house at Electric Friday's in Los Angeles and delivered killer performances at Avec Nightclub in Orange County, as well as countless other dance-loving venues. His performances can be observed regularly in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as other Southern California locations. His life's ambition is to share his music with dance music lovers everywhere and to unite and help others, as well as himself, reach elevated levels of consciousness and being through the dance-music experience. "Good music is a sacred, soul-penetrating, and ultimately healing and unifying experience that is a priceless contribution to community and humanity" he says.

Looking forward, Jason Bongiovanni has a strong interest in connecting with others in the music industry. This means uniting with dance-music labels, traveling, DJing, and consistently delivering quality performances and productions. The future is bright! Stay tuned!

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